Veronika Mugra

Data Scientist

“The essence of data extends beyond their numerical expression. If asked the right questions, it has the capacity to tell a meaningful story and change the way we think. I’m excited to be part of NordicNinja to find those stories.”

Trained both in computer science and finance, Veronika harbours a deep-seated passion for data. Her interest in data science and AI technologies spurred her role as a Data Scientist and Project Manager of AI-driven software developments for e-Estonia’s Bürokratt, an AI-powered chatbot to help integrate Estonia’s wide spectrum of digital public services.

Through her involvement with developing Bürokratt, the virtual assistant of Estonian government, she gained invaluable insights into the challenges and rewards of integrating AI into government services. Bürokratt is designed to integrate data and communications across thousands of e-services provided by the Estonian state and municipal institutions. In 2022, the World Government Summit recognized Bürokratt as the best AI-powered government service globally.

Prior to Bürokratt, Veronika was an integral part across two Swedbank Investment Banking teams, where she focused on optimising and automating data processes across group functions. At PwC, she focused on financial audits and at Civitta management consulting, she assisted startups in securing local and international grants.

She holds a Master’s degree from TalTech in Analysis and Design of Information Systems, which she graduated with Cum Laude. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree from TalTech in Business Financing.


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