Climate action toolkit for cities

A single platform to help cities understand and execute the shifts necessary to address the climate emergency.

In 2021, ClimateView launched ClimateOS – The world’s first platform to operationalize climate action plans to help cities manage their entire climate transition. The platform makes it easy to improve and keep track of the climate transition of cities.

By offering powerful data modelling, integrated toolkits and a shared framework, ClimateView enables faster delivery and financing of the climate plans for cities.

An extensive list of innovative cities already uses ClimateView’s platform to reveal the optimized pathway, economic requirements and management of their transition to a zero-carbon economy.


P.S. ClimateView was chosen by Fast Company as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies in 2021. 🌏🎓

Tomer Shalit,

“The climate emergency is a global challenge, one that requires global solutions. The NordicNinjas immediately saw the impact we could make together, and that collaborative spirit has meant we are now able to accelerate climate action for cities around the world”



We know well the struggle and demand cities are facing regarding the goals to reach the net-zero goals. The solution ClimateView has develop, is not only offering valuable information for the city administrators but also a tool that is attractive for the users to use and with potential to become the leading source for city based climate data.