Hear and feel the sound.

Experience immersive personal sound delivered by pulsating fabric-like speakers.

With Flexound’s groundbreaking patented technology, you can hear full-range audio AND feel its physical vibration, creating a unique multi-sensory immersive experience. Not only does Flexound deliver a personal experience, it can also replace conventional and loudspeaker systems, which are heavy and require a lot of space.

Flexound can be integrated as an ingredient brand into cinema, car and aeroplane seats, furniture, cushions or gaming chairs, adding high value and differentiation. The high-quality speakers are designed and engineered in Finland.


P.S. Flexound was originally established as a healthtech company designed to be a therapy tool for autistic and disabled children 🔉🩺

Mervi Heinaro

“With NordicNinja we’ve been able to speed up the automotive solution development, hire new key employees, and most importantly spice us with courage, resources and credibility needed to reach for a global market in major industries.”

Why we invested

Experiencing Flexound for the first time fills you with childlike wonder – how does this work? Why isn’t it everywhere already? It’s an unforgettable feeling.
Flexound takes the audio-visual experience to the next level. Whether it is music, games, sports or movies – it can be personal and mutual all at the same time.