AI-powered satellite data

AI-powered platform to leverage satellite data for critical infrastructure operators to manage climate risks

Critical infrastructure & supply chain operators among others face increasing challenges like vegetation risk, deforestation and extreme weather events. Satellite data leveraged by an AI-driven remote sensing solution can be used for continuous and consistent surveillance, covering the awareness gap left by complementary methods such as LIDAR and ground patrols.

There are vast amounts of satellite data available today on a high-resolution and cost effective basis. However, the data is often fragmented, raw and sourced from multiple satellites, and hence it’s difficult for industries to understand and integrate. In addition, possible inaccuracies with open-source solutions as well as the frequency and severity of climate-related events create a critical need for advanced and automated solutions.

LiveEO’s platform uses cutting-edge satellite technology to deliver high-resolution image analytics and convert the data into timely, actionable insights. It can help businesses detect and respond to extreme weather events and deforestation in near real-time. The operators can also monitor and manage environmental risks that affect infrastructure, such as vegetation encroachment on power lines or ground deformation near railways. Furthermore, the platform helps companies reduce their carbon footprint, remain compliant in the face of ever-evolving regulations, and increase their climate resilience.

Based in Berlin and founded by Sven Przywarra and Daniel Seidel, LiveEO tripled its growth in 2023 and is accelerating scaling of their offering globally. The platform already helps customers from Europe, US, Japan and Australia detect and respond to critical events in real-time, and it allows for predictive monitoring and management of environmental risks.

Sven Przywarra
Co-CEO & Co-founder

“The team of NordicNinja has a strong background in DeepTech and AI in the sustainability space. Combined with the understanding of how utilities work they are the perfect partner for LiveEO. We started to be active in APEC and with the support of the industry network of NordicNinja we are boosting our go-to-market in this region. Being a team of former entrepreneurs, their support is very valuable for us and our executives. Having a partner in our board (with Rainer) that started, grown and sold a company in our industry is very unique.“


Why we invested

LiveEO unlocks the full potential of satellite data to provide continuous asset monitoring, helping critical infrastructure operators and others to manage climate risks and third party interactions. The company has already earned the trust of major players like Deutsche Bahn and E.ON, and is scaling globally. We see great potential in LiveEO becoming the leading automated platform for solving critical problems across industries, and driving a more sustainable future.