Experience the seamless way to move around

One app to seamlessly experience all urban mobility: from public transportation to taxis; from micromobility to car rental.

Whim provides a seamless mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) experience that enables users to move around with all transportation services within one app with a single monthly subscription.

The self-learning technology platform offers users a variety of alternatives, from the fastest to the most eco-friendly, becoming the first all-inclusive MaaS solution commercially available on the market.

Whim allows you to forget about switching between all your public transportation, city bikes, e-scooters, ferry tickets, taxi apps, plan your journey better and do all that at a predictable cost.

From Helsinki to the Greater Tokyo area to the entire countries of Belgium and Switzerland, Whim is expanding around the world. Check out whimapp.com for the latest available areas.


P.S. Whim’s founder Sampo Hietanen coined the term Mobility-as-a-Service, or MaaS.”.💡🚗

Sampo Hietanen,
CEO & Co-founder

“The support and help we’ve received from the NordicNinja team have been outstanding, especially during the pandemic. We were hit hard, but at times like these, the true relation and value are proven. I couldn’t be happier with the relationship we have.”

Why we invested

MaaS services will play a key role transforming how we move to a more flexible and sustainable mobility. The expectation is high and already today Whim is one of the most known Finnish startup brands in Japan.