Bioidentical egg protein

Onego produces bioidentical egg protein, albumen, which is the most important protein in egg whites. With the help of a specific precision fermentation process, the method is animal-free and causes 90% less CO2 emissions.
Onego Bio is a Finnish biotechnology company founded in 2022 that commercializes the method to produce ovalbumin, so called Bioalbumen®, the most important protein in egg whites, without production animals. With the help of precision fermentation, the use of valuable land area and CO2 emissions can be significantly reduced compared to the traditional production method. 

Bioalbumen is uniquely positioned to disrupt the market as the patentability of precision fermentation increases its protection and value. Onego itself differentiates in the precision fermentation peer group as the first large scale disruptor with superior technological platform andagile operation.

Food industry companies and consumers are increasingly looking for environmentally friendly products. Bioalbumen, egg protein powder, meets this demand and offers a competitive alternative to the traditional egg white. 

The company collected a €10 million funding round in 2022, which was one of the largest seed-stage investments in Finland.

Maija Itkonen
CEO & Co-founder

We chose Nordic Ninja because we like their industrial approach and scalability focus. Japan is one of the key potential markets for us, and the connections through NordicNinja are priceless. But more than anything, we appreciate the team’s can-do attitude and high ambition level.

Maija Itkonen CEO Onego

Why we invested

Onego is well placed to scale successfully, due to its highly experienced team who bring globally leading research expertise, and extensive experience in scaling companies from startups to large corporations, to this company. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of this journey.