Automating enterprise negotiation

Best-in-class negotiation techniques to find and optimise mutually-benefiting contracts – autonomously.

Pactum helps global companies to digitally conduct personalized commercial negotiations on a massive scale. Pactum works with $5B+ revenue companies, including many top Fortune 500 organizations such as Walmart and Maersk.

The solution leverages digital bots that learn over time, create a fast and responsive environment for users to digitally negotiate deals with thousands of suppliers at a time, leading to productivity gains, cost reductions and stronger terms for all parties

The company is based in Mountain View with engineering and operations in Estonia. 🇪🇪

Why we invested

The amazing team has already several times proved their skill to execute in different technological problem areas. We are certain that businesses will quickly embrace Pactum’s vision of making digital and bot-based negotiations the new standard in business commerce.