Emotional AI

Measure human response to digital content at the speed & scale of AI.

Realeyes uses front-facing cameras and machine vision AI to measure the attention and emotional response of audiences as they experience digital content on their mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

With Realeyes, companies, educators, and public services alike can measure consumer experiences in real-time and design digital content for optimal performance.


P.S. Realeyes won the global The Business Intelligence Group’s “Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award” for computer vision in 2021. 🏆👏

Mihkel Jäätma,
CEO & Co-Founder

“The digital media and virtual experiences play an increasing role in our lives and with NordicNinja we are able to meet our global demand for solutions that enable the greater human connection.”

Why we invested

Today, much of what we do happens online – our work and studies, our personal and commercial interactions. As the role of online video is increasing, both the creators and the consumers are looking for less noisy and user-friendlier experiences. We believe Realeyes’ award-winning technology empowers creators with the tools to make our Internet lives more humane.