Sensible 4

Autonomous driving in bad visibility

Award-winning full-stack software for autonomous driving in snow, rain, and fog – without seeing road markings or surrounding landmarks.

Sensible 4 develops a full-stack autonomous driving software (AD-Kit) that turns any vehicle into self-driving and allows it to operate in any weather and environment.

Currently, self-driving technology doesn’t enable autonomous driving in all weather conditions. The software filters out outliers from the air, such as snow, rain, fog and even sandstorms – and allows autonomous vehicles to drive on roads without lane markers and landmarks. Sensible 4 enables driverless mobility to become mainstream, decreasing the number of cars on the roads and in safer and less congested cities.

With Sensible 4’s solution, everyone has the opportunity to go to the places they want to comfortably, safely, and effortlessly.

P.S. Sensible 4’s software is already used in Gacha – Probably the world’s cutest self-driving bus. Designed by MUJI. 🚌😊

Harri Santamala,

“With NordicNinja as the first institutional investor, we’ve been able to launch our international pilots and develop the technology to a commercial level.”


Why we invested

The global autonomous driving solutions still struggle to work in particular conditions like heavy snow, fog or typhoons. Sensible 4’s approach based on their long-term research for autonomous driving is totally different from other existing approaches. Their unique technology enables any kind of autonomous vehicle to drive anywhere and anytime. We are so excited to make this dream reality together with the “dream team” of autonomous driving vehicles.