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Banking as a Service platform that makes it simple, quick, and cost-effective to develop and launch financial products.

Banking as a Service (BaaS) infrastructure has fueled the continued rise of innovative fintech in recent years. Subsequently regulatory scrutiny has put an increased emphasis on robust technology, responsible business practices and being able to offer services under a full banking license.

Griffin is a full-stack BaaS provider with a developer focused approach, making it possible for companies to bring new financial products to market quickly and at scale. They offer interest-bearing bank accounts, access to payment rails, integrated ledger and automated KYC solution among others. The company was founded by Silicon Valley engineers David Jarvis and Allen Rohner who are joined by an experienced team from the banking and fintech industry.

With an authorised UK banking license Griffin is now ready to accelerate its growth and partner with technology-driven firms looking to offer banking, payments, and wealth solutions to their customers.

David Jarvis
CEO & Co-founder

Choosing to partner with NordicNinja goes beyond funding. NordicNinja are a team of former founders and leading tech executives with a breadth of experience in deeptech and digital infrastructure. We’re excited to tap into their global network and entrepreneurial expertise as we scale sustainably.


Co-Founders Allen Rohner and David Jarvis

Why we invested

The market has been looking for a robust and regulated banking service provider that can deliver in today’s non-zero interest rate environment. Griffin has earned the trust of the regulators and its customers. Launching in the UK market first, Griffin has the potential to become a global platform for fintechs to build and launch their innovative products and services.

Jesse Saarela


Jesse Saarela

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