Enter the Metaverse

Create immersive mixed reality experiences at a human-eye resolution.

From training astronauts for their Mars mission to designing new cars, Varjo is blurring the line of what is real and what is virtual. You can choose which objects in your field of view will be virtual and which ones will be real, bending your perception of reality.

Their camera-based VR and XR headsets have already set the standard for creating complex designs and lifelike simulations at a human-eye resolution, making them the global leader in industrial use cases.

With Varjo’s Reality Cloud, photorealistic virtual teleportation will enable professionals and consumers to collaborate in ways like never before, allowing to share your surroundings in 3D in real-time. Instead of jumping on a plane, you will be able to teleport to any location and back instantly, rendering your actual physical location completely irrelevant.

P.S. Ski goggles inspired the early design of Varjo headsets. 😎🏔

Timo Toikkanen

“The Nordic Ninja team adds tremendous value by providing valuable contacts, exclusive customer event invitations and market understanding supporting our growth in Japan.”

Why we invested

We believe Varjo is building the future of fully immersive spatial computing, enabling the creation of the metaverse and unleashing a new generation of collaboration and creativity. The team and the product are the best in class, and we are excited to help them fulfil their vision.