Nature-based carbon capture

Data-driven platform for measuring nature-based carbon capture – fair income for landowners, proven carbon credits for companies

Carbon removal is widely recognised as the only way to reach the Paris Agreement targets and forests are at the heart of its impact. Studies show nature-based solutions could account for as much as 30% of the global mitigation needed, and forests will account for up to 80% of this.

Unfortunately, while the demand from corporate carbon credit buyers for high quality carbon credits is growing, landowners do not have easy access to benefit from verified carbon credits issued for their forests.

Arbonics is building a data-driven platform for measuring nature-based carbon capture. It has developed a unique science-based tool for remotely calculating the suitability and impact of afforestation and other forest management projects. They are setting a new standard for how transparent, scalable, and impactful forest carbon projects can, and should, be. Not just for those looking to invest in forestry projects, but for the thousands of landowners who are increasingly looking to Arbonics to better quantify the environmental benefits of their land. 

By bridging the gap between the potential of nature and the power of tech, Arbonics makes forest carbon removal projects transparent, accurate, verifiable and scalable.

Kristjan Lepik, CEO

With the support of NordicNinja and our other latest investors, we can continue building what we consider to be the future of transparent carbon removal. With this recent funding we’re poised to make a significant impact, not just as a business but as a catalyst for meaningful change.


Co-Founders Kristjan Lepik COO and Lisett Luik COO

Rainer Sternfeld

Arbonics is exactly the kind of innovative, scalable and sustainable solution we look for at NordicNinja. The company not only has the technology and market understanding, but also the vision and the team to make a significant difference. We see Arbonics as having the potential to conquer the market in this crucial sector. That’s why we’ve made this strong bet on their, and our planet’s future.


Managing partner

Rainer Sternfeld

Founder turned investor focused on digital infrastructure & sustainable transformation.

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